yin yoga + gentle sound bath

6:15pm - 7:45pm

instructor sara falugo leads a deeply meditative and restorative yin class at the background is filled with a gentle sound bath of crystal singing bowls, planetary tuning forks, and elemental chimes

address & parking:

Yoga Nest Venice 38 W Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Metered and neighborhood street parking, please check all signs before leaving your car.


UPCOMING monthly:


FRIDAY: JUne 22, 2018


8pm - 9pm

The community meditation and sound bath is an open space to breathe and receive with in a group setting in the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks. We highly encourage you to bring your own yoga mat, blanket, pillow. Please allow your self to arrive 10-15 min early to settle in.

Energy Exchange: $10

Address & parking:

Yoga Nest Venice

38 W Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Metered and neighborhood street parking, please check all signs before leaving your car.


Saturday: june 23, 2018


7PM - 9PM 

Reiki Master Olga Montes will lead you into a deeply guided meditation connecting with the earth, the cosmos, and divine universal life force energy.  I will accompany the session with a heart centered sound bath. This sesion will focus on connecting you to your own body wisdom and self-healing potential.

Energy Exchange: $25

To reserve your space:

Address & Parking:

Golden Sol Yoga and Wellness Center

4446 Ambrose Ave Los Feliz, CA 90027

Neighborhood and metered parking available


Sunday: July 15, 2018


7pm - 8pm

"After the new moon, the moon 'waxes', meaning it gets bigger and builds up in strength and intensity, signifying the sprouting growth of the seed. Waxing Crescent moon is partly illuminated by less than one-half, and increasing. Things are moving forward and there is the hope of more to come. It provides a burst of energy and forward moving strength and power that you can tap into. Our plans, dreams and ideas are growing and this is a great period to focus on anything which you would like to deepen, grow and commit to."  -Natalia kuna

The sound bath will open with our connection to breath and body as the sound of crystal sound bowls, planetary tuning forks, and elemental chimes assist you to drop in or out toward the cosmic field of oneness.

Energy Exchange: $15 advanced sign up, $20 at the door

Sign in here: Yoga at the Raven

Address & Parking:

2910 Rowena Ave Los Angeles, CA 90039

Neighborhood street parking













Welcome to LOVE. ART. LIFE. Sounds

This chapter of my journey into sound therapy started in 2010, with one crystal singing bowl and the intent for personal healing.  the years of being a visual artist have also influenced the synthesis of sacred sounds. 

     My studies and the path for healing started with the introduction to a variety of dedicated teachers and steadfast yogis of Los Angeles, CA since 1999.  I was firmly Rooted as a native angeleno but took the off-beaten path in my learning. I explored the indian yoga classics to the California fusions of Asana, Kriya, and Kundalini Yoga's.  the time spent practicing Karma Yoga and receiving decades of various healing modalities from gifted light workers created a foundation and essence of home within. 

The practice of usui Reiki, Polarity, BREATHWORK, CRYSTAL AND AROMATHERAPY are also integrated in tandem with sacred sounds.

 i Am a graduate of Jonathan Goldman's 21st Sound Healing Intensive and member of the Sound Healers Association.

I feel immensely blessed and grateful to be in service with this practice.