yin yoga + gentle sound bath

6:30pm - 7:45pm

instructor sara falugo leads a deeply meditative and restorative yin class at the background is filled with a gentle sound bath of crystal singing bowls, planetary tuning forks, and elemental chimes

address & parking:

Yoga Nest Venice

38 W Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Metered and neighborhood street parking, please check all signs before leaving your car.


UPCOMING monthly:

open eye crystals:

Sunday: april 14, 2019

plant spirit & Divination sound bath

4pm - 6pm

In this workshop, Saewon Oh of Sun Song and sound healer, Grace Oh, will lead a plant spirit meditation and sound bath to connect participants to their inner intuitive guidance systems.  

We will be serving ‘Spirit House Divination Tea,’ a special blend of safe, yet potent, consciousness shifting, awareness expanding herbs, blended in collaboration by Sun Song and Spirit House Collective.  

Please bring a notebook and pen to transcribe your experiences.  Oracle cards or other divination tools are encouraged.  

Please wear comfortable clothes. 

Saewon Oh is an herbalist, medicine maker, artist, teacher and founder of Sun Song, a line of handmade herbal remedies designed for meditative and earth-based healing practices. She teaches workshops, guides tea ceremonies and offers herbal consultations in Los Angeles.

energy exchange: $33

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address & parking:

Open Eye Crystals

6110 Pico Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90035


friday: APril 26, 2019


8pm - 9pm

The community meditation and sound bath is an open space to breathe and receive with in a group setting in the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks.

We highly encourage you to bring your own yoga mat, blanket, pillow.

Please allow your self to arrive 10-15 min early to settle in.

Energy Exchange: $10

Address & parking:

Yoga Nest Venice

38 W Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Metered and neighborhood street parking, please check all signs before leaving your car

Veronica’s Sanctuary:

saturday: MAY 11, 2019

reiki meditation and sound bath

7pm - 9pm

Reiki Master Olga Montes will lead you into a deep guided meditation connecting with the Earth, the Cosmos, and Divine universal life force energy. Sound Therapist, Grace Oh will accompany the session with a heart centered Crystal bowl, Mystical Chimes and Gong sound bath. This session will focus on connecting you to your own body wisdom and self healing potential as you lay comfortably during the guided Reiki Meditation coupled with a nourishing Sound Bath.

The session will take place in the Sanctuary Private Residence of our Community Hostess Veronica Valdivia, located in West Los Angeles. Near the heart of Sawtelle's Little Osaka. The address will provided upon booking.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat, light blanket, pillow.

Olga Montes is a Reiki Master Teacher with a Wholistic LifeStyle Practice and Teacher of the healing arts. She has learned to merge Ancient Practices and Tec-Know-Ledgies with modern Alternative Healing Modalities of Energy, Psyche and Spiritual Psychology. With the application of healing touch and the energy of Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Sound Frequency, Intuitive readings of light wisdom and Energetic cleansings. Olga Montes: Dynamic Harmonic Life

energy exchange: $25

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Welcome to LOVE. ART. LIFE. Sounds

This chapter of my journey into sound therapy started in 2010, with one crystal singing bowl and the intent for personal healing.  the years of being a visual artist have also influenced the synthesis of sacred sounds. 

     My studies and the path for healing started with the introduction to a variety of dedicated teachers and steadfast yogis of Los Angeles, CA since 1999.  I was firmly Rooted as a native angeleno but took the off-beaten path in my learning. I explored the indian yoga classics to the California fusions of Asana, Kriya, and Kundalini Yoga's.  the time spent practicing Karma Yoga and receiving decades of various healing modalities from gifted light workers created a foundation and essence of home within. 

The practice of usui Reiki, Polarity, BREATHWORK, CRYSTAL AND AROMATHERAPY are also integrated in tandem with sacred sounds.

 i Am a graduate of Jonathan Goldman's 21st Sound Healing Intensive and member of the Sound Healers Association.

I feel immensely blessed and grateful to be in service with this practice.